Address: Amman Jordan / Mecca street / Madena street . 

Phone number: 0791600066 

Victoria Market  supermarket

Address: UAE / Dubai// Eithad street 

Phone number: +971 54 435 4099

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Victoria-Tad-beer  Recruitment of manpower

 India /Philpien /Bangladesh /Ethiopia /Russain /Ukraine

Address: Amman Jordan / gardens street / avenue building

Phone number: 0797400002

WhatsApp: 0798818805

Bamboo Shisha for all kinds of Shisha and smoking all needs

Address : Amman Jordan Madena street build 123

Address : UAE / Dubai / business center 

Phone number : 00962 6 554 2962

WhatsApp number : +971 54 435 4099

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Victoria ticketing Flight Tickets to all world 

Address: Amman Jordan madenah street Building 204 

Phone number: 0799090160

Skilled hands for hotel apartment rental
Days/ monthly / yearly 
VIP apartment just in Amman

About us

Victoria Group

The Victoria group works to develop and improve the economic environment and tourism in Jordan, and the investment group is committed to strong and successful business plans for the purpose of implementing them appropriately, including providing quality value to encourage investment in Jordan.

Dr Anwar Al-Habahbeh

In the year 2019, he decided to invest in his hometown, Jordan, for its strategic location, its excellent relationship with all countries, and the existence of a safe and suitable environment for local and foreign investments. Thus, he started the "Victoria Group".

The beginning was with several companies recruiting manpower in the United Arab Emirates. Since then, the group has grown between Jordan and the UAE to include more than 16 companies and shops, and the Victoria Group currently employs more than 70 employees in Jordan and the Emirates. Now, the group has become a market leader in various commercial and tourism businesses by focusing on quality and customer service.

Our group

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